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Indoor/Outdoor Cookout – Bison and Ribs!

Well, we had friends over last night and our usual fare is chicken on the grill.  For a change of pace, I suggested to the hubby that we grill up the buffalo patties we’ve had in the freezer, and I saw a delectable recipe for baby back ribs on Pinterest (and I’m not usually that interested in ribs but these looked pretty darn good) that I wanted to try.  So, bison and ribs it was.

The hubby took the patties and remade them into his own concoction.  Since I wasn’t looking over his shoulder I don’t know the exact amounts, but these very yummy bison burgers were made with:

1 1/2 lbs of ground bison

chopped onion

1 egg

2 egg whites

bread crumbs

a few dashes of worchestershire sauce

Basically he created the recipe with his hands, using texture to determine the necessary amounts until he felt it was the right consistency.  He then grilled these babies up and they were very good!  Moist!  They stayed nice and thick since buffalo is so lean.  And the worchestershire sauce gave them a great flavor.

My contribution to the meal was the slow cooked ribs.  Very easy to make, and they turned out great.  I followed the recipe exactly.  I used about 4 1/2 lbs of ribs and slow cooked them for about 6 1/2 hours.  The BBQ sauce I used was Famous Daves’ Rich and Sassy.  I tried to be careful with them for the 2nd step which was to put them in the broiler, but as with all meat in the slow cooker, these really were falling right off the bone.  So as you can see I had them in quite a few pieces.  But it didn’t matter…they still tasted very good!

And yes, I set off the alarms.

Here are my ribs, and here is the recipe from the Mmm is for Mommy blog.


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