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A simple and yummy treat!

Ok so tomorrow is my birthday and I have the day off today so I decided to take my work treat in on Thursday.  (I prefer celebrating before the event, not after.)  My search criteria for a treat was:

  • I need it simple because I don’t have a lot of time
  • I don’t want to go to the store to buy any ingredients
  • I want to make sure it makes a bunch
  • I want to make bars

So, I did a bunch of searching online and I came across this site – which has a ton of cookie recipes as well as a nice list of bar cookies.  It was a toss up between Nana’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars and Walnut Pie Bars.   Nana’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars won.  And really just because they were the easiest thing I could make.

I opted to make them in the 10×15 pan to get the quantity I wanted.  These were super easy to make.  I will definitely make them again.  I used milk chocolate chips which the hubby said I shouldn’t have done because they were too sweet.  That’s kinda what I was going for, though.

I’m thinking this recipe would be very versatile.  I would like to try them again, but use peanut butter chips instead, and then when it’s right out of the oven, dump semi-sweet chocolate chips on them and spread it for a frosted, chocolatey layer.  I think it would be close to a peanut butter cup bar cookie.  Anyone else think that’s a good idea?

Here’s a photo….it was taken from my ipod Touch as I was too lazy to run upstairs to get my camera!


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