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Baked Potatoes….should be baked.

Well, ok, I was sure I had found a shortcut to baked potatoes when I saw that you could make them in the pressure cooker, so I was anxious to give it a try.  To the pressure cooker’s credit, it DID work.  The potatoes were cooked in about 1/2 hr, which was at least 1/2 the time it takes to bake them.  However, they were a little soggy.  I like it when you get the crunchy skin on a baked potato.  I guess I’d say that the texture was that of a microwaved potato….so if you’re used to those and want to give it a shot in the pressure cooker, be my guest.  The recipe is a simple one:

Wash and clean the potatoes.  Give them a few pokes with a fork.  Wrap each potato individually in aluminum foil.  Put the steamer rack in the pressure cooker, and add 2 cups of water.  Set the potatoes on the rack.  I used “Steam” and cooked them for about 25-30 min.

You all know what a baked potato looks like, so I didn’t see the need for a photo.  😉  They were ok, but we decided to leave well enough alone next time and stick with the oven or toaster oven.  Won’t be making baked potatoes in the electric pressure cooker again any time soon.


Made a rookie mistake….but still a success

Well, I made a rookie mistake tonight that I hope will not be repeated.  My recipe for tonight’s dinner was Beef Ragout from the book Deni Pressure Cooking Cookbook  (You can read my review of this book if you follow the link.)  I had to brown the meat on the stove since my Instant Pot pressure cooker does not have a browning feature.  So, I did all that, added the meat and veggies to the pressure cooker (having figured out how to get the lid on!) and set it.

When it was all done, I realized I hadn’t closed the vent.  😦  It did reach full pressure, but little did I know that steam had been escaping the whole time.  I held my breath, opened it up and tested the veggies.  Whew!  The carrots and potatoes were tender and the meat was done.  The meat I had used had been in my freezer for a while.  It wasn’t as tender as I had hoped it would be, but that could have been due to my mistake, or maybe it was just the meat.  I will probably give this a try again.  It was pretty tasty, but the hubby suggested next time adding in diced tomatoes.

There are other recipes from this book I want to try…so I’ll be back here eventually posting about those too!  And I’ll be sure to close the vent next time!  Augh!

Beef Ragout made in my electric pressure cooker

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